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A company with You in Mind

What can We do for You?

It is my pleasure to Introduce our company and to tell you why we developed this company. In the following pages I hope to explain fully what this company is about. I hope to answer many of your questions and in some way provide a direction or solution for the enhancement of your productions in your Theater Arts curriculum or program. We are here to help you achieve and present the best show possible.

Clay James: Owner
What is the company's purpose?

Our purpose is to provide access to information and training regarding scenic design, construction, and painting, for the purpose of working with the budget and the technical knowledge of the producing agent, whether that be middle school, high school, college, community, amateur, or professional. We are here to consult and work with your needs.

In what ways can we provide help?

We can provide help in a variety of ways, from full designs to specific parts of a design. We can help with construction estimates and material estimates. We can consult with you about your project, either by phone or email. We offer both training and seminars. which can be tailored to your specific needs. We can provide a variation of all of these specialties to accommodate and collaborate with the talent you already have.

What about cost?

In this day and time when support for the arts is difficult, we can provide the necessary support that meets many budget constraints. Costs are presented clearly and upfront so you know exactly what you can afford. Design kits can be put together in a variety of ways so you only pay for what you really need. If all you need is some of the basics, full day seminars can be afforded to you, your students and/or your staff.

Philadelphia Story
Philadelphia Story 

The stage set above is your basic "Box Set" It is on a revolve as the script required. There is an exterior and an interior

On the Verge

Two vastly different sets in very different venues. The set on the left required vastly less budget and less labor.

Threepenny Opera
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